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Ständige Vertretung

The Rhine Cult

Culinary specialities arouse enthusiasm!
“How about a Kölsch after your meeting or a “Flammkuchen”?
With us everything is possible.” The menu combines specialities from the Rhine with local delicacies – full meals as well as light snacks. Paired with a special ambience, this forms a very special concept. The concept of the StäV.

Cologne Bonn Airport
Terminal 1, Stairway 4, Level 1
51147 Cologne
Telephone: +49 2203 40 31 68

Die EsS-Bahn

You will go crazy for this! Original Berlin EsS-Bahn currywurst, with a range of curry sauces for the most varied tastes. All in the highest quality and completely authentic.

TIP: Book the EsS-Bahn for special receptions or celebrations.

Cologne Bonn Airport
(air side)
51147 Cologne
Telephone: +49 2203 40-2427

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Burger King

Fancy a burger & co.?

We pride ourselves on making great burgers. After all, we consider freshness and taste to be KING.

Cologne Bonn Airport
(air side)
51147 Cologne
Telephone: +49 711 948-2712

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